We are one of the largest and hardened trading strategy providers to the institutional clients
For many years we’ve been developing and automatically executing our strategies for different markets and financial instruments (stocks, ETFs, Futures contracts, etc).

Our systems analyze vast amount of data in a quest to find the most precise and winning trading conditions for our customers. Now we extend our service to a community of individual or small-scale traders.

With large experience in trading, Quantum Trading Management covers many trading markets and provides a different approach, based on combination of signal generation system and self-trading.
We have a simple to use and follow subscription system and do business transparently. We leverage multiple market behavioral patterns and base the trading propositions on statistical algorithms conceived to follow the patterns and generate trading options with best risk/return conditions.
The key differentiator of our trading model, signals generation, help our customers be less anxious and trade smarter. We have a team of experts which know exactly what to look for and where, providing useful and on time insights to customers.

No matter what you are trading, you need to take into consideration a couple rules:

  • Stay informed and read the signals;
  • Concentrate on the risk, not the profit;
  • Use a simple method, but do not exclude important indicator;
  • Learn the signal frequency of your method.

We built a successful model of trading by being consistent, disciplined and by understanding the market and behaviors. We continuously focus our efforts on trades which exceed 70% profitability, but without neglecting any opportunity.